My Work

My work is largely inspired by landscape, particularly the urban and edgeland areas of Sheffield, where I live. 

I am particularly drawn to locations that are often overlooked or neglected and I am also fascinated by the capacity of a place to absorb memories and experiences.

For the past 4 years I have been exploring Park Hill, the Grade II* listed Sheffield council estate and one of Britain’s largest examples of Brutalist architecture. The site is currently undergoing regeneration with part of the estate transformed into shiny, luxury flats, whilst the rest remains boarded up and derelict.
I am particularly drawn to the un- refurbished parts of the development where the memories and layers of the past are almost tangible.
My intention was to create observational paintings that spoke of the displacement of the established communities and the temporality of urban landscape.

Methods and Materials

My principal painting medium is mixed media, working primarily in acrylics, aerosols and oils.The physicality of paint is an essential element in my work, as is exploring different media and processes, from staining, pouring and splattering to more layered and impasto processes. Colour and texture are also important to me, I often incorporate different materials into my paint such as sand and concrete to produce a distinctive surface quality. 

For my recent work of Park Hill I have largely been using materials integral to the estate itself mixing concrete into the paint  and also as substrate to work on directly. I have also used aerosol paints (referencing the graffiti of the estate) as my main painting medium.

I like to work in situ initially, working from direct observation and drawings and then using photographs to complete the piece, particuarly for colour referencing.

A large part of my practice also involves printmaking and I have explored many techniques including; screen print, collagraphs, etching, lino and woodcut in an attempt to interpret the landscape.

Last year I was awarded a 2 year Fellowship to learn stone lithography at Leicester Print Workshop under the tutelage of expert lithographer Serena Smith ( along with Icelandic artist Nina Oskarsdottir ( We both have a weekly blogs which document the learning process (Please see link below for mine and above for Nina). 

I am extremely grateful to the Arts Council and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation who have provided me with funding to help finance some of the costs of this residency.

Most of my work is for sale and I am also available for commisions. Many of my concrete paintings are also available as limited edition giclee prints.